Sunday, June 12, 2005

Delightful Reading

I've always had a "thing" for the 18th century. What a tumultuous time in history, a century that brought great change in thought and science. And the clothes were so wonderful.

Since Teresa went with a couple of websites, I thought I would introduce a couple of books I find invaluable for understanding the period.

First is Roy Porter's English Society in the Eighteenth Century . This book is a hodge podge of what was going on in the century and why it was unique. It doesn't go into great depth on any one topic, however, it will perk you interest and gives you ideas on where to continue to research. Porter's style is informal and he does try to explain the concepts in a way a modern reader can understand. It is also apparent Porter loves his subject and when an author can convey their passion, it makes the book so much more fun to read.

Amanda Foreman conveys her admiration for her subject in Georgiana : Duchess of Devonshire. This book gives a fascinating glimpse into the life of one of the century's most prominent and colorful personages. Through Georgiana's life, the reader gets a glimpse of society at the time and a woman's place in it.

I would recommend both of these books to anyone who is interested in the period. They make for great reading whether you want to write about the period or are just a history nut.


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