Friday, January 20, 2006

Some links...

At last, I'm updating this page :-) Thanks to Rene and Mel for posting over the last few months while I was distracted *g*.

Are you a fan of the art of the 18th century? If you are, visit this site:
ART HISTORY RESOURCES: Part 11 18th-Century Art

Is the history of the British Isles more your thing? For a brief outline of the Georgian period, stop by the BBC History site:
British Timeline - Georgians

What about the City of Lights - want to know more about Paris in the Early Modern period, then consult this bibliography:
The Early Modern City (1500-1800): France

If gardens are your thing, learn about 18th Century French Gardens

For those of you more interested in American Architecture of the 18th century, you'll find lots of links through the Digital Archive of American Architecture

Ok - I'm off to make a latte now. Enjoy the links :-) And I promise to pop in here more often, with more interesting observations and links about this fascinating time period.



Blogger Amon said...

Well done on a nice blog Tess. I was searching for information on astronomy charts and came across your post this post - not quite what I was looking for related to astronomy charts but very interesting all the same!

Well, it's a new year - in fact it's almost the Chinese New Year. I'm still putting together astronomy lesson plans for the first and second semesters. This year the budget allows us to purchase a new telescope for the science group. That's great so we're still juggling the numbers how to get best bang for the buck! Not the 'big bang' you understand LOL. I'm coming down on the side of the Meade LX200GPS 12" Schmidt-Cassegrain. Let's wait and see.

If you do have a moment, please take a look at my new site on: Astronomy for Kids .

A happy new year to everyone!

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