Sunday, September 04, 2005

Something a little different

Here is something I found.  It’s a little different but it is something you can listen to while writing and gave me some other sources if I need them.  Eat Feed - Georgian England is  a podcast with an interview with food historian Gilly Lehmann.  She talks about the difference in foods from the 18th century to now and spends a great deal of time about the gender of cooks and cookbook authors of the time.  I guess cookbooks were all the rage during parts of the 18th century in England.  Anyway, this is a pretty interesting podcast although it does kind of go on after awhile.  But if you listen, Lehmann mentions several other cooks and writers like Hannah Glasse who can lead you to other great sources.


Blogger chris said...

Thanks for that link - a very interesting programme. I inherited a second edition of Elizabeth Raffald from my grandmother, and my wife and I have built up a tidy collection of modern editions of 18th century cookery books. I did an 18th century dinner party for her 40th birthday - two courses, with seven dishes to a course, and it was all easy and extremely tasty. I recommend Raffald's brisket a la royale (essentially an elaborate pot roast) for anybody who wants to try this stuff.

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