Friday, January 27, 2006

Happy Birthday, Mozart...

Yes, it's Mozart's 250th birthday!! I just LOVE his music. Not that I ever did it justice while playing it *g*, but it's amazing to listen to and there's something for every mood. Must really dig out the Amadeus soundtrack.

My link of the day over at my writing blog will take you to Stephanie Cowell's site for her wonderful, wonderful book Marrying Mozart. I read it a couple of years ago for review and just fell in love with it. Even better, I got to meet her last year at the HNS conference in SLC.

Here are some more Mozart links :-)

CBC Radio Two's Mozart 250

Internet Public Library - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozart at Carolina Classical Connection

Bio of Mozart at The Classical Music Archives




Blogger *Em* said...

Hi. I'm emily.. I don't know you or anything but I jsut wanted to say I love music too and I was celebrating Mozar's birthday too! Today in Band we were listening to his music, and same in our Advanced music class! I think that book sounds really interesting because alot of pple are talking about it! I might have to check it out! Well ttyl. Emily

10:19 PM  
Blogger edwardkline57513323 said...

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