Sunday, April 23, 2006


One thing I really despise is when I get a book recommendation and either can't find the book or it is so expensive I can't justify buying it. This happens quite often for the books I need for architecture and houses. Let me preface by saying I'm not generally looking for scholarly texts, for my purposes, I'm looking for picture books. Finding terms and definitions for furniture and architectural styles is pretty easy, but having a picture of it is another. I like having a picture to guide me, and not just a sketch or diagram. I want to see it in action as it were. Anyway, those kinds of books aren't cheap. But I've been lucky lately so I thought I'd share a couple of titles.

England's Thousand Best Houses by Simon Jenkins is a great book with a survey of, well, the best houses. I got it used for under $5. The English Country House: A Grand Tour by Gervase Jackson-Stops & James Pipkin is spectacular. Filled with big pictures and divided by rooms, it is so inspirational for writers when trying to create that perfect country manor. I think I paid about $7 for it. Last but not least is a little gem I found in a used bookstore. It's called Historic Houses, Castles & Gardens in Great Britain & Ireland. Mine was published in 1979 but it was published after that as well. I got mine for $2 at a used bookstore and I'm buying another one for $8 (my old one is falling apart and this newer one was published in 2001). While in itself not a research book, it is a guidebook divided by counties which gives you the basics of a property. It is easy enough to find the house on the Internet and get more information. While these books do not deal strictly with homes built in the 18th century, Georgian architecture is significantly represented.

Do you have any sources for great books at good prices? I do have a marvelous college library near me, but with having little ones around, its hard for me to go back and forth, so I do like to have some basic references. If anyone has a source for discount books on 18th century costume, I'd be thrilled. I can only check out Aileen Ribeiro's book so many times and I'm not willing to pay for that huge amount for it.


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I go to used bookstores, booksales and the library bookstore. That's here - where we're moving, there are at least a couple of really good used bookstores I can haunt *g*, though I'm not so sure about booksales. Will have to consult my mother-in-law on that one :-)

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