Thursday, December 29, 2005

Christmas in the 18th Century

Before Christmas, I thought how fun it would be to write a romantic Christmas story which took place in the 18th century.  Bad idea.

I started my research and was, well, disappointed.  Christmas just wasn’t the holiday it is today.  Maybe that is a good thing as I look at the mounds of toys and cookies and the like.

The best source I found on the subject was from  The Official Website of Christmas in Williamsburg.  While it obviously focuses on the customs and traditions of Colonial America, it certainly reflects on the traditions brought from England.  THE HISTORY OF CHRISTMAS has some other interesting tidbits that span from the pre-Christian era to modern times that I found to be interesting.  For a look at France and French traditions, I found this site geared more to children but it does have some insight into the holidays: Christmas Traditions in France and in Canada : Home page.  

The best sites I found for researching the holidays seemed gear to children.  I suppose it is not surprising.  I liked this site from a school in England: Christmas Traditions of England, Britain, UK.  Created by kids and geared towards them, it breaks the traditions down to the simplest explanations.